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    Knowledge about dog food production

    发布时间:2022-03-28 14:23:00   点击:
    Knowledge about dog food production
    Shandong Saibainuo Company is an enterprise specializing in the production of puffing equipment. The company not only produces various puffing extruders, but also provides various kinds of drying equipment and conveying equipment. The feed equipment produced by Saibainuo Company has also been in the domestic market. The rate is very good. Among them, the pet dog food equipment 0.5T/H production line and the 3T/H pet dog food production line are widely praised, and have accumulated a large number of high-quality customers at home and abroad. The production of pet dog food is a systematic project. Our own laboratory has continuously invested in the research and development of dog food technology and ratio, and has formed good cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises. The advanced research results have been continuously exchanged and promoted.
    In the nutritional ratio of pet dog food, poultry meat and poultry liver are indispensable sources of trace elements, both frozen and dehydrated. After adding a certain proportion, it can meet the nutritional needs of dogs, even if no other nutrients are added. Auxiliary substances can also ensure the growth of dogs. The recommended dog food formula is as follows: dehydrated poultry meat, corn, rice, soybean, corn gluten, animal fat, dehydrated poultry liver, yeast, minerals, vegetable oil, fish oil , DL-methionine, L-lysine, vitamins, and some fruit powder or pumpkin powder can be appropriately added to improve the flavor.
    The shape of the dog food mold also has different meanings. The pet food line of Saibainuo has made a lot of records for the shape of the dog food mold. Different mold shapes have different finished product sizes for different grain ratios. We cannot simply It is divided into large molds and small molds. The size of these finished products is the key to determining what the pet dog eats. If the particle size is too small, the pet dog may swallow it when eating, without the necessary chewing, neither can exercise the pet dog The chewing ability can not make the pet dog digest well. If the particles are too large, the pet dog will also have bad chewing phenomenon, and it is easy to leave food residues on the floor. Therefore, a suitable mold is reasonably designed according to the formula and the breed of the pet dog. The size is also a place with a certain technical content. Saibainuo has accumulated a lot of data in this field.
    Saibainuo will provide the company's best pet food equipment production line for every customer involved in pet food production, provide customers with high-quality process guidance and after-sales service, and devote itself to the healthy development of the pet food market. Food production contributes its own strength,
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